Buddy Up and Stay Motivated this Winter!

With Autumn changing the colour of our surroundings and Winter waiting just around the corner, many of us are looking forward to snuggly nights in the warm and evenings catching-up on our favourite box sets. The only problem is that with the inside of our homes so appealing during the chilly short days, it can be a tad harder to drag ourselves out into the cold to continue our exercise.

Don’t worry, ESPH is here to help! From the 1st October, we are launching our new “Buddy Up” campaign which will give you and a fitness partner over £200 of FREE benefits for every 12-month membership purchased together. This includes:

1.      One month’s complimentary gym access worth more than £150 which is added to your 12-month membership

2.      One-hour free personal training session for you and your buddy worth £65 to assess where you are and plan where your fitness schedule can take you

Why are we encouraging you to buddy-up? Well, exercising with a partner is scientifically proven to be beneficial. A study by John Raglin, PdH, professor of kinesiology at Indiana University found that the drop-out rate of a year-long fitness program was significantly reduced to just 8% amongst people who entered the program as a couple – either friends, spouses or family. This compared to roughly 50 percent of people who entered the program alone.

Even if you do buddy-up with someone, it doesn’t mean it ties you both at the hip bone all the time. It is more about accountability, encouragement and healthy competition to keep you motivated. Obviously, doing some classes and exercises together is great, but if someone’s schedule gets in the way – you take one for the team!

Your buddy could be your spouse, friend, child, parent, or even your grandparent. At ESPH we pride ourselves on the inclusive atmosphere our club offers. People of all ages and abilities feel comfortable coming to ESPH and getting fit. In fact, one member recently said this:

“Nice instructors, lots of classes, length of classes (I prefer to do lots of 30 minute classes rather than hour long ones) but the most important reason I continue to be a member of ESPH is the other members who are roughly in my age group (or older). I have been a member of so many gyms over the years and ESPH is inclusive and friendly rather than pretentious and full of people with egos!”

Together with the ESPH fitness experts, we are confident we can keep you motivated during the coming weeks. The team has even created some additional tips to help make your workout that little bit more enticing!

  1. Put your workout clothes on the radiator
    Not exactly scientifically proven, but we all must agree that putting on clothes that are warm and toasty is a lot more enjoyable than freezing cold leggings – it could make all the difference! It is also important to make sure you have the right kit for winter which may require more layering, different trainers and a woolly hat!
  2. Beat the Winter blues
    If the darker mornings and shorter nights brings out the melancholic side of you, exercise can be the perfect antidote! It naturally boosts endorphins and produces serotonin – the brain’s happy hormone which will automatically make the world a brighter place.
  3. Change your classes
    This could be the perfect opportunity to try something new. This will bring new challenges, keep your interest and a new group of people to chat to. If you usually exercise alone, join a group. We have also launched some great new combination classes – give them a go! If you are looking for inspiration, speak to our fitness team.
  4. Set New Goals
    Having a goal and a vision is a huge motivational factor. With our Buddy Up membership, you automatically get a free one-hour PT session to help you and your partner do this. If you are already a member, it could be a great idea to invest in one session to help you understand your base fitness levels, re-establish personal goals and create new exercise routines.
  5. Pre-book your classes
    Look at your week ahead and book your classes, this will help shape your weekly schedule and prioritise your time. You are less likely to cancel a class if you have pre-booked, even more so if you’re meeting your fitness buddy there!

To take purchase a 12-month off-peak Buddy Up membership click here.

To purchase a 12-month Full Gym Buddy Up Membership click here.

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