Physio and eGYM Fix Chronic Shoulder Pain

Tam Hoskyns (55) is pain free and enjoying the biological age of a 22-year-old now that ESPH physiotherapists have successfully rehabilitated a chronic shoulder injury.

Previously, Tam had spent five years living with chronic neck and shoulder pain caused by a road traffic accident involving a London bus. Despite trying various treatments including physiotherapy and acupuncture, Tam was still in pain and enduring sleepless nights. 

Just a few months ago, Tam booked an appointment to see Gary Delahunt, ESPH Clinic Manager and Physiotherapist,  after being impressed at how quickly he had resolved her daughter’s pain.  Immediately, Gary explained how he would use a different approach to rehabilitating Tam’s shoulder, called Mechanotransduction, to build strength around the injury and relieve pain. Mechanotransduction is the body’s response to exercise and helps the body positively adapt to targeted exercise by laying down new cells to cope with the movement. This makes muscles and bones stronger, more robust and tolerant of exercise.

On day one, Gary took Tam into the gym to create a bespoke exercise programme on ESPH’s intuitive eGYM resistance training equipment. It transformed the way Tam approached the rehabilitation of her shoulder and as she saw the treatment working, her trust in the process deepened. 

“I had been trying for years to relieve the pain in my shoulder but always ended up in more pain and unable to sleep,” explains Tam. “Today I have unrecognisable symptoms. The only time I feel pain is if I haven’t been able to get to the gym for more than a week, but nothing like it was, and I can easily resolve it now. I think the eGYM equipment is amazing and being able to track my progress is a huge motivator.

“I feel so much fitter, stronger and energised, and I am also sleeping much better. I have got my muscles back which I feared had  gone forever! I’ve always been very practical and able to do my own DIY until the accident. I really struggled with the dependence which had crept into my life. Now I feel free again now and so many more choices have opened up to me as a result!”

If you would be interested in trying ESPH’s eGYM equipment, ask for a demonstration by a member of the fitness team or join one of our regular circuit classes which are a great introduction to the innovative resistance training equipment. See our full timetable here.

If you are in pain and would like to see how our physiotherapists can help you, book an appointment here.

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