Sports Massage for Runners

It’s the start of the New Year and you have probably noticed even more runners pounding the streets into 2019. Some are those who just want to get to start the year with new fitness goals, possibly trying to shed the festive seasons holiday weight however it is mainly those eager Marathons runners.

One important factor of your training routine should include Sports Massage. Why, you ask?

Sports Massage is a great way to keep your muscles relaxed, flexible and rehabilitated.

Sports massage has been proven;

  • To relieve tension, removing adhesions making your muscles supple
  • To improve blood flow, which helps your fatique or injured muscles to recover faster
  • To improve lymphatic drainage, that helps to reduce inflammation and swelling
  • To breakdown minor scar tissue between muscle and fascia
  • To reducing pain and soreness after gruelling training session
  • To help with relaxation, helping de-stress. Stress is major factor prior to leading to injury.
  • To Improve immune function, helping to production of white cells

These benefits suggest you can recover quicker after training, train harder and run greater mileage.

Massage can help you TO BE BETTER RUNNER.

When should I schedule massage?

It is good to have regular massages throughout your training. In regards massage before or after Marathon or race. It is good to have massage 2-3 days before race. After race or hard gruelling session is good to have massage 2 days after when muscle soreness subsides.

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