ESPH London 3-month gym membership

You’re Unique and So Are We

At ESPH we love to celebrate uniqueness! Everything about us is unique: the intricate colours and patterns in our iris, the rhythm of our hearts, and even the way we walk! We believe this uniqueness should be hugely influential in determining the health and fitness goals we set for ourselves.

Our new #IAmMe 3-month membership plan is designed to help you discover your own uniqueness. It comes with a FREE assessment package worth more than £120 for every new member that joins in June. These assessments provide all the information needed to create a bespoke health and fitness programme just for you!

The 3-month membership package costs just £237, and includes the following FREE assessments:

Body Composition Test

There is more to improving health and well-being than just losing weight. In fact, if you are looking to tone up and build muscle strength, you will weigh more despite losing inches around all the important areas.

Our Body composition test will check muscle mass, water retention, and lean and visceral fat, providing you with a thorough and accurate idea of your overall health. Using this data, our team of experts can create a bespoke health and fitness programme that will help you improve all areas of your body.

Resting Metabolic Rate Test

Knowing your resting metabolic rate (RMR) provides the benchmark for all fitness because it shows how many calories the body burns when it’s not moving. We all have a different RMR which is why two people can eat the same amount of food, but one person puts weight on and the other doesn’t.

Working together with our team, we can create a programme of different exercises that will help to speed-up your metabolism and enable your body to burn more calories. At the end of the three-months, you can have another RMR test to see your progression.

Personal Training Session

Our personal trainers condense their years of expertise and knowledge into each session to ensure you reach your goals faster. Over the years they have picked up countless tips and in-depth knowledge about how to exercise more efficiently and target areas of the body that are most important to you.

During your FREE personal training session, the PT will analyse data from the RMR and Body Composition tests and work with you to create a 3-month schedule. We have a wide choice of exercise options so regardless of your age, weight or fitness levels, we can create a programme that suits your lifestyle and is varied enough to keep you motivated.

When you join ESPH, you’ll also see why we are unique! Every week our dedicated and passionate team of experts run 90 different exercise classes. This includes 11 styles of yoga, the largest eGYM advanced resistance training circuit in the UK, highly- respected  Pilates teachers, knowledgeable physiotherapists, massage therapists, nutritional therapists and different health and fitness tests too!

Working closely with clients to help them achieve their fitness targets is what ESPH is passionate about. With so many exercise formats and services under one roof, we are more than confident that our team of experts can meet your unique health and well-being goals.

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