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Fitness & Health Tests

Build your health and well-being on a solid foundation of knowledge and data from ESPH's fitness tests that measure Cardio-respiratory fitness, strength, flexibility, balance and core-stability.

What fitness tests can we offer you?

Our range of scientifically standardised fitness tests use state of the art analytical techniques and equipment. Tests include:

  • Basic Biometrics (BMI, WHR)
  • Body composition analysis, including fat levels
  • Biomechanical analysis
  • Previous Injury diagnostics
  • Cholesterol test, Blood glucose & blood lactate (post exercise)
  • Cardio-respiratory fitness (Full volumetric VO2 Max analysis)
  • Full Isokinetic strength tests
  • Balance & flexibility
  • Work & lifestyle analysis
  • Diet & nutrition screening

It’s all in the detail…

All our fitness and health assessments come with a fully detailed report. You can also have a full list of recommendations so you know what you need to improve and how to successfully go about it.

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Booking your fitness tests:

Please contact us to discuss your requirements so we can match the best tests to your needs.

For more information please read our QUESTIONS QUESTIONS Fitness Tests opposite

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