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Podiatrist – West London

Sore feet, running injuries - bring your podiatry problems to our Harley Street centre.

The benefits of podiatry

Feeling uncomfortable walking, jogging or preparing for a marathon? It’s vital that you look after your feet to enable efficient movement.

When you walk or run you are creating a significant downward force that your feet have to bear – this in turn can have a cumulative effect further up the chain in your ankle, knee, pelvis and beyond meaning that very small variations in the shape of your feet, or the way you make contact with the ground, can result in excessive force being placed on your foot or other parts of your body.

Podiatry at Harley Street

At ESPH we will assess not only how you use your feet but also how the rest of you moves. Changes in foot function with the use of orthotics and / or exercise therapy can change the way the lower limb functions and reduce the damaging forces that ultimately give rise to pain and injury.

So if you’re fed up with painful feet or need treatment for a sprained ankle, find out the case and start treating that pain now.

Harley St Podiatry Centre

Local Areas:  West End, Soho, Marylebone, Mayfair, Covent Garden, Charing Cross

Nearest Stations: Oxford Circus, Great Portland St

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Locations at:   Harley Street

*Treatment cost will vary depending on the presenting problem. Please ask the podiatrist at the time of the appointment for clarification.

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