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What can I expect from podiatry treatment?

A full medical history will be taken with a physical examination. Further investigations e.g. X-rays will be ordered if necessary. A biomechanical evaluation may also be undertaken to determine the alignment of joints & areas of relative strength/weakness, tightness/flexibility in the musculoskeletal system of the lower limb.

Following diagnosis of the problem, a treatment plan will be formulated. This can involve the reduction of skin lesions with a scalpel or the use of in-shoe devices called orthotics, which facilitate normal foot function. A referral onto another specialist is sometimes required to provide treatment to accompany that of the Podiatrist.

What do I need to bring with me?

If you have any scans, x rays or referral letters from your GP or specialist doctor then bring these with you. You will be asked to undress so we can properly assess you so you may want to bring some shorts with you (we can provide them if you prefer).

Do I need to be referred by my GP or a specialist?

No, you can refer yourself although some medical insurers require a referral from your GP or specialist doctor to comply with the terms of your policy. Always check with your insurer first if you want to reclaim the cost of treatment. You should also be aware that any devices that the podiatrist recommends may not be covered by your medical insurance.

Consent to treatment

You will be asked to sign a consent to treatment form and provide us with your contact details so please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment is due to start so you have time to do this

Can I claim on my private medical insurance?

Podiatry is  covered by most of the major insurers but please call and check with them first

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