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Back pain physio

Back pain can arise from a previous sports injury, physical exertion, repeated bending, lifting or straining from handling heavy loads, RSI, suffering from a fall, being overweight or having poor posture, even stress and anxiety can contribute. The pain will generally occur in your tailbone or in your lower or upper back or neck.

Lower back pain is commonly referred to as Lumbago. It can be defined as mild to severe pain or discomfort in the area of the lower back. Causes of Lower back pain can arise from problems with the spinal muscles, nerves, bones, discs or tendons. One of the side effects of lower back pain is often sciatica, this is referred pain often caused by a disc pressing on the nerve or from a reduced space between the spinal joints. It can also be accompanied by muscle wasting and tightness which also exacerbates the discomfort.

Given the scale of potential problems, you need an experienced physiotherapist to work from diagnosis to creating your individual back pain treatment.

With over three decades of working with athletes, dancers and injury rehab, ESPH physios bring a wealth of experience to back pain management.

Treating back pain in West & South London

Our expert consultation, treatment advice and exercise planning will speed your back pain recovery. We use a combination of gentle mobilisation techniques as well as soft tissue mobilisation, manipulation, acupuncture and taping to cure the symptoms as quickly as possible.

As well as physiotherapy, ESPH offers many other relieving treatments to complement your back pain therapy, including Yoga and Pilates. ESPH has fully-equipped Pilates and Gym studios in Lordship Lane, East Dulwich with Pilates classes, one-on-one sessions and Personal Training.

Physio for arthritis & osteoporosis in West London and Dulwich

If you suffer from flexibility problems, arthritis, pelvic dysfunction or pain then ESPH can help you through Physiotherapy, Pilates and Fitness Training.

Physio Treatment Costs:

  • Initial assessment (45 mins) from £72
  • Follow-up consultation (30 mins) from £52

NEW CLIENTS: Please note if you have not been to ESPH before, or are presenting a with new condition, we request that you please call to discuss your needs, tel: 020 7907 1900.


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