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Largest Ongoing Nutritional Study

“The largest ongoing nutritional study of its kind”

A Landmark Study published in Nature Medicine shows that dietary inflammation varies dramatically, even among healthy adults, pointing to the need for personalisation in eating. Dietary inflammation is linked with increased risk for conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

The studies reveal multiple factors ranging from gut microbes, blood sugar, fat and insulin levels, plus exercise and sleep impact on an individual’s ability to achieve optimal metabolic health. Even identical twins respond differently to the same food by only sharing one third of their gut microbes.

The results point towards the need for personalised eating plans to sustainably combat weight and health challenges, to help people choose foods that work optimally for their biology.

The sponsor of the study, ZOE, has launched a test kit to help people achieve their optimal health by profiling their unique gut microbes and inflammation after meals and using artificial intelligence to create personalised eating plans.


PREDICTED results showed: 

  • Genetics play a minor role in determining personal nutritional response. Even identical twins can respond very differently to the same foods 
  • Everyone is unique in the way their bodies respond to eating food (nutritional response), so there is no one “right” way to eat. Traditional standardised diets (e.g., low carb diet, low calorie diet, etc.) and meal plans therefore miss the mark
  • The optimal time to eat for nutritional health also depends on the individual rather than fixed “perfect” mealtimes. The researchers found that some people clearly metabolised food better at breakfast while others saw no difference. This is the subject of ongoing research
  • Optimal meal composition in terms of fat, carbohydrates, proteins and fibre (macronutrients) is also highly individual, so prescriptive diets based on fixed macronutrient ratios are too simplistic and will not work for everyone. For example, a sensitive glucose responder may need to reduce carbohydrates whereas someone else may be able to eat these freely
  • The relationship between the calories consumed in a meal and nutritional response is weak and the form a food is in (cooked, chopped, ground) will produce a drastically different result.

ZOE launched the test kit and app in July for you to test your gut microbes and achieve optimal health. Today they launched a waitlist for customers eager to access the new kit.

Remember, this is not a diet or calorie restriction plan. The at home test kit is based on the tests developed for this study. Once you’ve tested your body, you’ll be given your personalised program to reduce dietary inflammation and boost healthy gut microbes.

To find out more go to joinzoe.com/post/nature-medicine-predict-1

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