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5 Ways To Restart Exercising

Getting back into a fitness regimen can be tricky especially in the ‘new world’ we find ourselves in.  For many of us, our lifestyle has changed considerably. But now, more than ever, it’s important that we prioritise our health & immune systems.  Central to our ability to function in life is our physical health, yet it’s often given the least priority.

How much do you value the freedom of feeling pain free, energised and able to carry on the activities that you love, like a walk with friends, dancing with your partner or playing with the kids and grandchildren? Your health and fitness play a huge role in this, especially as we age. 

Strength and cardio fitness are the two most important elements of your physical fitness and ability. If you aren’t strong enough, you will not be able to perform the activities you love. It’s that simple! 

Sarcopenia is characterised by loss of skeletal muscle, mass and function, a condition that can start to develop in us as early as 25 years old, but it’s reversible in most cases. Skeletal muscle makes up as much as 50% of total body weight and it’s vital for activities of daily living such as dressing, doing household chores, walking and protecting our skeleton that we nurture this muscle mass. Which means you need to be doing some kind of resistance training at least twice a week. 

And of course, being more active has been proven to help with depression, relieve anxiety and combat social isolation (a term we are all too familiar with these days!)

So, it’s time to get back into action:

  • Strength Training 

Many of you will have maintained exercise by taking to the streets, cycling and running became very popular during lockdown. We love them too but strength training has maybe been forgotten and using the tins of beans at home as dumbbells won’t cut it forever! Remember, it’s our muscle mass that will protect our bones as we age and maintain our ability to do the activities we love and need!. Our E-Gym equipment is perfect to visually monitor your strength progress and take out the guesswork. The equipment measures your maximum strength to calculate what weight you need to pull or push and reminds you to retest as you gain strength so you can continue building muscle. It is also the only type of equipment on the market that allows you to work eccentrically, lengthening the muscles as you train which is vital for improving your strength quickly.

  • Start with shorter classes 

Our new starter strength class with Morgan is perfect to get you going. The new FORM class is a perfect balance of Strength, core and stretch. HiiT training is also a great option if you are feeling more able and energetic. Our new class time table boasts a range of shorter classes to rebuild the stamina and strength that has perhaps been lost over lockdown. Classes such as Core & Arms and Core & Glutes are a great place to start to hit two major muscle groups in a shorter 20 minute class.

See class timetable HERE

  • Personal Training 

PT will get you where you want to be! It’s that simple. Having personal training tailors your regime specifically to your needs. Whether it’s a sports injury, a long standing niggle, aches or pains, or inability to reach your exercise goals, this is when you should turn to a personal trainer. With just two PT sessions we’ll get you on the right track to train smarter not harder!

To book a PT session click HERE

  • Schedule your workouts

Now BOJO has helped us out with this one (doesn’t happen often). To oversee numbers in the gym we now require you to book your slots. Get them booked in for the week ahead and write them in your diary or calendar. If you wait until you ‘find the time’ – you won’t. Make it a priority.

Book on the ESPH app HERE

  •  Invest

We need to stop seeing health and fitness as a luxury: it is a necessity. It can keep us injury and pain free, provide opportunities for social interaction (2m apart) and keeps us mobile. Your friends and family need you to be fit and healthy, so time at the gym is an investment in your present as well as your future.

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