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A message from the Sharps

A message from the Sharp Family – March 24th

Loyalty and Community

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks for your loyalty in these most difficult of circumstances. We feel a deep sense of connection with our clients and a responsibility to continue to provide you with services while we are all staying at home. We are rooted in the East Dulwich community and are determined to remain part of your lives while we navigate the current crisis together.

What we’ve done so far

When it became clear last week that we would no longer be able to offer onsite classes and other services to our members we launched ESPH Live. This streaming service is currently broadcasting five classes a day with more content being added daily so you can keep active at home. Join us live on Instagram (@esph_Fitforlife) or download the classes on our YouTube channel (ESPH London). This content is free for now but will shortly be moving to a paid for streaming service which will only be available to our members.

We are also offering online physiotherapy via Zoom from 10AM to 4PM Monday to Friday so we can attend to your musculoskeletal injuries throughout this period

Membership Payments

We hope you will stay with us through these difficult times. If you do feel you have to cancel then we will freeze your membership so you can delay making that decision but we would ask you to stick with us if you can so there is an ESPH for you when we emerge from this crisis.

Please stay at home, respect the current guidelines and stay safe and well. We will be here at your side throughout these dark days and will provide you with a further update very soon.

As ever,

Libby, Max & Alexei


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