Personal Training at ESPH East Dulwich London

A Personal Touch to Training

Unlock the secret to reaching your health and fitness goals quicker and more efficiently by taking advantage of the knowledge and experience ESPH’s Personal Trainers have honed over the years.

Regardless of where you are on your fitness journey, ESPH’s team of PTs is undeniably passionate about you enjoying everything health and fitness offers. They can work to build strength and confidence or encourage you to develop new skills and push the boundaries of your health and wellbeing to new levels.

One of the best ways to find out which PT will suit your training requirements is to read their bios below and pop along to one of their classes for an informal chat! See the timetable here


Gonzalo has over 10 years’ experience as a trainer and possesses the professional aptitude to incorporate a holistic approach to training, helping clients to achieve results. His wide range of skills includes how to achieve weight-loss, muscle tone, strength and conditioning, plus prevention of injuries. He is a level 4 PT, specialising in posture analysis and lower back care. Gonzalo is also a qualified trainer for GP referrals.

Gonzalo says, “It’s great to see people overcoming tough times in their lives and coming out fitter and stronger than ever.”


Clide has been personal training for the past 10 years and was a keen sportsman for 10 years before that. Training has had a huge influence on Clide’s life and his vision is for clients to feel the same freedom he does from being at their physical best. To Clide, improving in the gym is not just a physical thing, it is also about achieving mental wellness and peace in oneself and that drives him as a trainer. His interest in fitness began with team sports and then progressed into more sole endeavours, which led him to Martial arts, Boxing and weight training.

Clide says, “You didn’t come this far, to come this far.”

Alexei Sharp

Alexei, who co-owns ESPH, is a former UK champion and international decathlete. A combination of career ending injuries, sporting pursuits and a university place in medicine (declined to concentrate on sport) informed his philosophy towards exercise and physical health. Alexei is available for PT & Cycle classes.

Alexei says, “Elite competitive sport has given me plenty of discipline. I believe in hard work but with plenty of rewards. It think it is important that you see and feel the results to keep coming back. What you want to achieve is in your hands – just show up! It’s a journey and I believe in your health first, but you can have your cake…as long as you come to ESPH regularly.”

Alexandra McMillan

Alex is a former Miss Fitness competitor who has been part of the team since 2016 and is now our fitness manager. Alex decided to make a career out of her passion for fitness and during the last eight years has qualified in training, nutrition, sports therapy, and currently studying to be a Pilates instructor. Her experience spans professional athletes to rehabilitation clients. After overcoming several injuries herself, Alex uses her experience to adapt the training style to suit specific needs. This includes strength-based training, muscle building, fat loss, functional training, cardio fitness and core strength enhancement.

Alex says, “A balanced approach to fitness, ensuring enough variety to keep you motivated, is vital for success. As someone who has transformed my body, I know how to help clients do the same.”

Cassie Read

Cassie joined ESPH in March 2018 and is a very experienced PT and class instructor with over 10 years teaching in the fitness industry. Her passion is for running, strength training and functional movements and this is evident on the gym floor and in her classes. She brings her unique style, dynamic energy and tailored music playlists to her classes. Her specialities include Running, Posture, Strength, Pre and Post-natal, boxing, HIIT and Cycle classes.

Cassie says, “If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

Come and discover the benefits personal training will have on your health and fitness!


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