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How To Get ‘Back At It’ Post Lockdown

It’s that time again folks, before Lockdown 3.0 hits – just kidding, to get back at it in the physical sense. The gym is open, spring is in the air, which means summer is coming, and even if you aren’t going to get the chance to unveil in St Tropez or Greece, the good people of Brighton, Cornwall or the other side of your garden fence await with keen anticipation, so dust off your gym kit, headbands on, and ready yourself to pump some iron, bike, treadmill and row yourselves back to health, wellbeing and serene calm.


If you’ve missed the gym these last four months, we’ve missed you too, and now is your chance to bathe in the warm glow of an elevated heart rate and getting your pump on, in a place that isn’t your front room. It’s also a chance to give back to places that need your support in these challenging times.

A gym fulfils in delivering fitness in a controlled environment. You would struggle to find a hill longer than a few minutes (unless you live in Snowdonia), and if you don’t fancy running in the rain, you know where to come. ESPH provides a space with access to so many different types of equipment, where you can readily complete a workout covering a huge variety of muscle groups, complete multiple types of cardio, and finish with a stretch or maintenance routine with kit you may not have at home, in a short order of time.

Running and Cycling

How’s your run-game going? You’ve progressed from couch to 5k and beyond but you’re not sure if your technique is on point and maybe you have a few niggles stopping your enjoyment, or need to replace those shoes that don’t quite support in the way your feet and everything above them would appreciate.

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If you’ve been cycling regularly, how are your knees, neck and back feeling? Maybe a review of your bike mechanics might be in order.

No matter what it is, maybe now is the time to check-in face to face. Whether it’s for an irritating niggle or something more long-term that you’ve tried to ignore for too long. If you are still unsure that it’s the right time for an in-person, why not log-in online and book in for a session.

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Self-help exercise routines are an essential part of your maintenance routine to ensure your muscles and joints are pain free and moving well, along with regular stretching. If you’re not sure your form is on point, consult an expert.

Problem shared, problem halved

Motivation and consistency are hard to fulfil. Isolation and being denied time with friends and access to the things we love make it doubly so. The lockdowns have been tough on us all to varying degrees but the prospect of spending time or having a conversation with someone other than those in your bubble, whilst getting a workout, is surely a good thing.

Support from a fitness or rehab professional can be a huge help in re-starting a fitness programme or recovering from an injury. There are sometimes things you cannot gain on your own but for which you need the assistance of someone who sole MO is your betterment.

Fitness is fundamental

Our Fitness fundamental series (CardioStrengthMetabolismMovement and Balance) is back. These are the objective ways in which we can quantify fitness. Now is the perfect time to see how you’re doing, to check in with a few simple assessments, and set new targets and goals, be they fitness, weight or wellbeing focused.
Join in April and you will not only save on your membership but you will get this assessment for free! (worth £199)

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Options & variety

Every cloud has a silver lining and the last year may have opened up new avenues of how to live your life, whether at work, with family, or at play. Balance is an all important in our lives so why not choose to try new things, to suit the new you.

Whatever you decide to do, you have options and that will give you a great sense of freedom and opportunity. Take your time to decide the best route for you and take advantage of the professionals ready and willing to help you rediscover your previous or new best self. We have your back, either way!

The author co-owns ESPH and enjoys the variety of at home, outdoor and gym workouts. 

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