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The Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions on movement and fitness businesses, have moved fitness away from gyms into the home or outside. The spaces we live in may confine us, so we need to explore suitable solutions when it comes to at home equipment, some of which are essential, in our humble view.

Prioritise Wellbeing

Wellbeing tends to come below Fitness, if at all, and also when it comes to equipment, but we would say it should come first. If you focus on your physical and mental wellbeing as a priority, physical fitness will be less of a chore and even more enjoyable. The rationale for this is simply that when you look after your wellbeing in the right way, your joints and muscles will feel better, as well as how you emotionally approach activity pursuits, and physical exercise will become more comfortable and less painful, physically and mentally.

Bottom up, not so much top down

As we stand, walk, run and move, our feet take a brunt of the load, and are so important to your physical wellbeing. Foot biomechanics may need to be corrected, insoles installed and better footwear options explored. You wouldn’t take your car out for a drive with a flat tyre or a bent axle, would you? Your feet are a super important part of your physical wellbeing and often are a very easy fix, when there are problems. Worried about your kids knock knees and pronating feet? – the younger you sort out these issues the better as they can affect every joint and movement up the body.

Book a physio assessment with one of our experts to assess and correct your foot mechanics today HERE

Want to update your fitness footwear? We recommend ASICS but New balance, Brooks and Saucony also offer very good biomechanically focused footwear. Speak to the team at Intersport Herne Hill and reference ESPH/FitFor for a discount, or go direct to the Asics store:



Sleep better

Yeah, yeah, so I keep getting told, sleep is really important and I need at least X hours sleep per night. Everyone is different on the duration front but quality is most definitely a priority for everyone. You have one life to live, and with more and more research showing the importance of sleep on your wellbeing, wider health and ability to maintain a healthy weight, make the best of your sleep by investing in a better mattress and more supportive pillows.

Norris Bedding


Workplace setup

The inescapable fact that you are working more from home, in an environment that hasn’t been designed around that use, is the understatement of the last year and that nagging neck and/or back pain, which is getting gradually worse isn’t going to magic itself away anytime soon unless you get an intervention. Well, that intervention is ready when you are and you have a variety of options to suit every need. From sit-stand desks to ergonomically suitable chairs, to stands for your laptop and/or monitor. An unjustifiable expense? Unjustifiable not to look after yourself better, wouldn’t you say?

Options available here:




Restoring normal movement

Easing the tension from your tired and sore muscles via a restorative and relaxing free sports massage is a no-brainer and we would all jump at the chance. How about you do it yourself and with the use of a variety of mildly torturous accessories? Not so exciting now, but please bear with me a second. Even at the best of times, we can’t get a massage daily, and by investing in a few small and very affordable bits of kit, getting into a quick and easy routine (or following ours), and once you are over the initial start-up hump, you are on your way to self-maintenance that will make a massive difference to your physical wellbeing. We recommend the use of foam rollers and myofascial balls (single and double) and a mat to do the exercises on. Your only problem now is closely guarding and avoiding another family member (or your dog) stealing your new toys. They will disappear quicker than the favourite biscuits from the jar, so guard ye well..

Our range of at home self-help accessories are available HERE

Fitter in your space

Whilst you need very little equipment to be able to get the job done on the fitness front, if you have more space, you can explore more exciting and engaging options, but there are some essentials we would recommend you get that take up next to no space at all, can be stored in cupboards or under beds and will not clutter your space.

A set or two of (or variable weight) dumbbells (avoid rubber coated as they wear quickly) and a mat (this needs to be supportive) are your baseline. The dumbbells should be workable for HIIT workouts with high repetitions and more strength orientated workouts too.

If you have a bit more space and want to invest in a bespoke area, why not consider some cardio and multi-purpose equipment such as bikes, treadmills, benches or racks. We can also help design your space for you – get in touch at info@fitfor.tv

Our equipment partner, Technogym, produce high quality equipment that will last years. Take advantage of our preferential discount on all Technogym products.

View all our equipment options HERE

Activity trackers

Track your steps, heart beats, squats and more. We recommend activity tracking watches and make sure what you get links to an App, so that you can easily see and track your progress. Below is a small selection of brands to choose from. All come in a range of colours and designs to suit most tastes:

1. Apple Watch

2. Samsung Galaxy watch

3. Fitbit

4. Polar

5. Fossil

The author is a former UK Decathlon champion, co-founder of FitFor, wears foot insoles, rolls, stretches, moves, and winces on a daily basis (and feels better for all of it).

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