Fitness Fundamental #1 Cardio

Over the next 5 weeks, we will cover each element of the Fitness Fundamentals assessment, showing you how all components define your physical fitness and how you can improve in each area.

The first and your number 1 fitness priority is cardio-respiratory fitness, better known as CARDIO.

The Science

Cardio fitness is defined by the efficiency of your body to use oxygen to supply the muscles, so your body can perform a physical task. Your body’s ability to create ATP and remove lactic acid is also intrinsically linked to cardio performance. All of the four other fundamentals can affect your cardio fitness. You must be strong enough, have sufficient movement (with good mechanics to protect from injury), have good balance, and your metabolism is intrinsically linked to your physical performance.

Where are you now?

Are you limited in what you can do physically? Would you say “No, I can’t” to one or more of the following?

1. Are you able to walk up 3 or more flights of stairs comfortably?

2. Can you run for the bus?

3. Can you walk home from the shops with shopping bags in hand?

4. Can you cycle for travel or recreationally with your family.

If you can’t do one or more of the above, you will likely be missing out on doing some physical activity that you want to, such as playing a sport you used to enjoy or simply walking longer distances with friends or family.

How we assess you:

Markers that we use for cardio fitness are resting heart rate, blood pressure and how quickly your heart rate recovers from activity and exercise. The gold standard test for cardio fitness is a VO2 Max test, which we use in the form of a sub-maximal walking test on a treadmill (we can also perform a bike test if necessary) as part of the Fitness Fundamentals cardio assessment. As with any objective assessment, you must understand where you are to design the plan to get you where you want to go!

Activity trackers:

If you don’t have an activity tracker, get one or add it to your Christmas wish-list ASAP. They are essential and everyone needs to have them. Make sure what you get links to an App, so that you can easily see and track your progress. Below is a small selection of best brands to choose from:

1. Apple Watch

2. Samsung Galaxy watch

3. Fitbit

4. Polar

5. Fossil

Next steps…

It’s simple – all you have to do is book your Fitness Fundamentals assessment today. It’s free for all our members or £199 for non-members.

Why not grab our Christmas offer whilst you can! This package includes the Fitness Fundamental assessment plus two FREE PT sessions. Get this deal whilst you still can and start 2021 on the right track!

Fitness Fundamental assessment includes: V02 max, Body Composition test, Strength test, Flexibility test, Squat and lunge movement assessment, Blood Pressure, Waist-Hip Ratio, and BMI.


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