Fitness Fundamentals

At ESPH we are all delighted and relieved that physical fitness is back on the national agenda, and that now whichever tier London is in, your gym will remain open and ready to support you with your fitness goals.

We know it has been incredibly tough to maintain regular exercise habits as well as focus on your wellbeing during both lockdowns, and as a result you may have suffered a dip in your fitness, or indeed your motivation levels!  We totally understand, and are here to provide encouragement, support and most importantly information to help you get right back on track.  Remember why you joined ESPH in the first place?  Now is the time to tune into those goals and focus on how fit you want to be in 2021.

To help you progress, we are excited to introduce a new fitness assessment, which you’ll get every quarter, to help re-start your fitness journey, track your progress, set regular goals and understand where you need to focus your efforts for maximum benefit to your health.

At ESPH, we focus on five main areas of physical fitness and with steady and informed effort and focus on all six, we guarantee you, sustainable progress both now and for the long term.

ESPH Fitness Pillars

  1. Cardio
  2. Strength
  3. Metabolism
  4. Flexibility & Movement
  5. Balance

Starting out or re-starting

At ESPH HQ, we have devised our comprehensive fitness assessment to help you understand where you are today, and assist you in setting your fitness goals for the future.  This is all about giving you the insights you need to perform and be your very best, setting goals at your pace and celebrating the progress you make.  We are offering your assessment now and each quarter free of charge and it will be available to book as you return to the gym.

Along with your quarterly re-assessments, we will offer you further cheering on and support with monthly communications, full guidance on how to improve and maintain your fitness levels


New App

We are in the process of developing a new App just for our members!  With the help of our friends at eGYM, whose wonderful strength machines we have used for 4 years, the App will demonstrate your fitness levels and make it super easy for you to track and improve.  We can’t wait to tell you more in 2021.

Remember the ESPH fitness assessment is FREE to all members – not just once a year but 4 times!

  • For a limited time in January, this service will also be available to non-members for the reduced rate of £99 (normally £199).

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