Just how fit are you? Profile your fitness to programme your training

AT ESPH we believe in using analysis to ensure you are investing in the right training and techniques to get you to where you want to be. Suitable for fitness enthusiasts, cyclists, marathon runners and triathletes to name a few, fitness tests are valuable to benchmark your fitness levels and to record your progress helping you to optimise your performance.

Fitness assessments to understand your body’s abilities and limitations:

Body composition analysis

14498962_1639941659631718_982866221596672000_nBody composition is far more important than weight or Body Mass Index (BMI) and more specifically it is better to consider the ratio between muscle and fat in your body. At ESPH we can accurately measure these levels and plan any required improvements.

Resting metabolic rate (RMR)

To effectively lose weight or to retain lean body mass it is important to understand your RMR. This index will calculate the amount of energy (in the form of calories) that the body needs to function while resting for 24 hours. We use the Cosmed Fitmate Med to accurately assess your RMR in a simple and short test. This will then form the basis for any healthy and balanced nutritional plan.

Cardio-vascular fitness (VO2 Max)

moA key component of measuring cardio fitness, and used extensively to assess top level athletes, this test is usually conducted sub-maximally walking on the treadmill at up to 85% of maximum effort. For elite athletes, or highly trained recreational sportspeople, we can do a maximal test on a bike. Designed to assess your absolute cardio-respiratory efficiency and for quantifying Aerobic Fitness we use the Cosmed Fitmate MED. The gas exchange oximeter will measure the volume and gas concentrations of inspired and expired air.

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Full upper body and lower body strength tests 

Strength is an essential, functional aspect of fitness. Over time we lose muscle and gain fat unless we work to maintain necessary strength. Use it or lose it! We perform a range of tests to examine your absolute strength and relative strength (Muscular Strength) for upper body (chest press) and lower body (leg press). We use electronic machines, which provide results to the highest degree of accuracy. We also assess grip strength using the Jamar hand grip dynamometer. Hand grip is another essential component of general fitness.

Biomechanical / Functional Movement Analysis & Retraining

GE-fat-lean-boneESPH offers a full biomechanical assessment with one of our highly trained physios. It is critical to face those old injuries and to understand any weaknesses in your body. Our Physios will check your joints, muscles and nerves from your neck to your toes to assess injury risks, weaknesses, deficiencies in movement patterns and posture. Good biomechanics from the feet upwards are essential to maintain healthy muscles, joints and posture. Poor quality movement leads to excessive loading on joints and muscles that then causes injury. We believe that preventing injury is far more effective than responding to it.

We use scientifically accredited assessment techniques and relate these to known normal values.

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