If you’re planning a skiing trip soon, you should consider focussing on a few key areas to get the most from your experience and help avoid any occurrence of injury.

Leg strength: Whether you are a boarder or skier; this is key. The knees stay bent for long periods of time so improving your strength and strength endurance are essential. Try some squats, lunges, and leg extensions for strength and for strength endurance try a squat walk or wall-sit.

Balance: On a slippery surface you need good balance. Try single leg balance (barefoot on a mat or wobble board) and double leg squats on a Bosu or wobble board (This will also work core-stability). you can try holding the squat for more strength endurance.

Cardiovascular fitness: You will need to be fit to ski all day; Try the cross trainer on a higher ramp setting (12-16) with an interval style (1 minute high effort, 30 seconds low effort) for 10-15 minutes. This will work your cardiovascular system hard. Increase the resistance to get a good strength workout for the thighs, hamstrings and buttocks.
 Warm-up & stretch: I know it’s not top of your priority list but spending 5-10 minutes warming up (and down after exercise), stretching and making sure your joints are supple will help minimise the chance of injury.

Enjoy the snow!

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