Wondering how to get through all those holiday parties without over-indulging on the high calorie drinks?

Here’s a sobering stat: The average UK adult will gain half a stone over Christmas. Yikes!

To help keep you on the straight and narrow (or as close to it as possible) ESPH’s resident nutrition consultant and low-cal cocktail girl Susan Burry has compiled a list of cheeky ways to avoid calory loading this holiday season.

 Tip 1: Swap those high sugar mixes such as tonic water or fruit drinks with soda water or diet mixes. 4 ozs of tonic water (that’s a wine glass full) contains 40 calories or 11g of sugar (equivalent of 2 teaspoons).

Tip 2: If the drink contains fruit juice, dilute it 50/50 with water or soda water.

Tip 3: Try having water or soda water in between cocktails.

Tip 4: Have alcohol free days in between those social events.

Tip 5: Swap those high calorie cocktails for just spirit and diet soft drink. A margarita can have up to 500 calories, compared to gin, soda and lime at only 140 calories.

Tip 6: For one night try alcohol free beer or soft drinks!

Top tip: alcohol has almost the same calories per gram as fat (8 cal/g as compared to 9 cal/g for fat).

All the best for the Season

Susan Burry, Nutrition Consultant at ESPH

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