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Making Time for Health and Fitness

Making time for your health and fitness can be a challenge. Our lifestyles are increasingly demanding, and busyness is a modern-day phenomenon affecting many of us. Ironically, the very thing that guarantees our ability to function in life is our health, yet it’s often the activity given the least priority.

At ESPH we believe this is down to personal value systems. How much do you value the freedom of feeling pain free, energised and happy? Your health and fitness play a huge role in this, especially as we grow older.

Regularly attending a gym has deeper-reaching benefits to just looking good. Getting more active has been proven to help with depression, relieve anxiety and combat social isolation.

So, before you write off exercise because you think you have no time, read our tips below:

  1.   Don’t feel guilty about taking time for yourself

We need to stop seeing health and fitness as a luxury: it is a necessity. It can keep us injury and pain free, provide opportunities for social interaction and keeps us mobile. Your friends and family need you to be fit and healthy, so time at the gym is an investment in your present as well as your future.

  •  Question your value system

Our internal value system ultimately determines how we spend our time. Take some time to think about what is important to you and make decisions that will place a value on these areas. Your health is precious, so this should take priority.

  • Schedule Your Workouts

Pre-book your workout sessions and write them in your diary. The chances are that if you wait until you feel you have time, you won’t. The ESPH app and online bookings system are easy to use and allow you to pre-book well in advance. Download the ESPH app here

  • Choose Shorter Classes

HiiT training has exploded in popularity in recent years as the demand for shorter classes and higher impact increases. The benefits of training harder for a shorter amount of time have been used by runners for many years, but its expansion into class exercise is more recent. ESPH has a variety of exercise classes that are just 30 or 45 minutes long making them perfect for time-poor members. See our full timetable here

  • Buddy-Up          

Studies show you are more likely to remain committed to health and fitness if you take part with a friend or family member; it makes training fun, you naturally encourage and motivate each other and it stops you making lame excuses for not getting to the gym. Now is the time to persuade a loved-one to join you in the journey to optimum well-being. Plus if you are an ESPH member already, you’ll get a FREE 30 minute massage from us as a thank-you.

  • Set realistic goals

Everyone loves to achieve a goal and reach a target, it proves progress. Plus, it’s demotivating to feel you’re not getting anywhere with your fitness. That’s why it’s important to understand your own body and set realistic health and fitness goals. ESPH has several fitness tests that can help map current physiological levels and create realistic goals and a personal training session with one of our fitness experts will also help you get back on the road to health and wellbeing. Book here.

  • Ready to make a change?

Experts say it takes just 21 days to cultivate a new habit – ESPH is giving you one month! Enjoy one month’s FREE premium membership when you take out any ESPH membership package. During your FREE month you’ll have access to all areas and classes available.  It is important to have a variety of different classes to ensure your entire body benefits from movement and exercise. To claim your FREE month, decide which membership package suit you by clicking here and then take your confirmation email to reception and they’ll add your free month.

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