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Mental Health Vs Economic Status

Are we a broken record yet? You’ve heard it all before but research from Yale and Oxford has proven that exercise has more of an impact on your mental health than your economic status.

The study was conducted in America by scientists that asked 1.2 million people this question: “How many times have you felt mentally unwell in the past 30 days, for example, stress, depression or emotional problems?” They were also asked about their income.

The participants had to choose from 75 types of physical exercise e.g. mowing the lawn, looking after children, housework, weight lifting, running, cycling and more.

“People who stay active tend to be happier”

Scientists found that those who exercised regularly tended to feel bad for 18 days a year and inactive people felt bad for 35 days. However, they also found that the active people felt just as good as the non active people who earnt £25,000 more a year.

Therefore, it shows that you would have to earn a lot more to give you the same happiness effect that sport has.

So, the more sport you do the happier you are? Not necessarily. 

Too much exercise can become detrimental, and have a negative effect on your mental health. But how much is too much?

“The relationship between sport duration and mental load is U-shaped,” said study author Adam Chekroud of Yale University in an interview with Die Welt.

3 to 5 sessions per week for 30-60minutes is the ideal amount per week according to the study. Participants that exercised for longer than 3 hours a day suffered with their mental health more than those who were not active at all.

Due to the current climate, team sports are not easy to participate in, but there are so many options online and group classes to get involved in.

At ESPH our instructors make a real effort to build that social interaction as much as possible to help boost those endorphins mentally as well as physically.

Read the original article on Business Insider Deutschland.

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