New Classes at ESPH

The ESPH fitness team has launched a new class timetable which sees the introduction of some exciting classes and the re-vamp of some old favourites. If you have any questions, please ask one of our fitness team for more information.

On 11th September, Lift4Strength will launch. This new 45-minute circuit class uses our free weights, weight machines and bodyweight exercises to maximise strength and introduce a new way of training. It is scheduled for a 12:15pm start and will run Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Learn how to improve your overall muscle strength with our new Barbell Strength class starting on 11th September at 7:10pm. In the class you will lift weights using barbells and undertake a variety of different exercises that test various muscles. This class will run on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Cycle2Pilates is an exciting, new concept class coming to ESPH from 15th September. It comprises 20 minutes cycle/spin and 30 minutes of Pilates Fusion. ***NOT SUITABLE FOR SOME CLIENTS WITH RESTRICTIVE INJURIES*** (Please ask if you are unsure how to book it.)

Our popular Cycle&HIIT class is being revamped from September 27th and renamed Cycle2HIIT. It will follow the same format as Cycle2Pilates, comprising a central 20-minute cycle class with 20 minutes HIIT classes either side.  ***NOT SUITABLE FOR CLIENTS WITH RESTRICTIVE INJURIES*** (Please ask if you are unsure how to book it.)

Bodyweight HIIT previously known as Functional HIIT, is re-launching as a new 30-minute high Intensity workout providing a short sharp energy class that uses body weight to build strength and muscle tone.

Core Blast is our mat-based class which works your core muscles to the max in just 20 minutes. This will run on Mondays at 7:35pm and Wednesdays at 7:55pm.

Core Circuit is a 30-minute HIIT circuit class comprising different workout stations to work your core. Classes will run on Thursdays at 9:50am and Fridays at 10:35am.

Book your new class here. Please take the time to review our classes because we really appreciate your feedback!

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