New Combo Classes and How to Book them

ESPH has expanded its popular combination class format to three new classes: Cycle2Pilates, Cycle2HIIT and Cycle2Core.

Cycle2Pilates is the perfect combination of a heart pumping 20 min cycle followed by a strengthening, conditioning and stretching 30 min Pilates class, with a five minute gap in between both sessions.

Cycle2HIIT provides a winning combination of 20 mins Cycle then 20 mins HIIT exercise. Following the same format is a new Cycle2Core class which comprises 20 mins cycle followed by 15 minutes of core exercises.

Finally our new Lift4Strength class is an effective circuit class that uses free weights and weight machines to transform the way you build essential muscle strength.

We have also simplified the booking process, so for each combo class you only need to book one class and the capital letters in the name indicate which class you will do first. For example, to book the HIIT or Pilates combo, locate PILATES2Cycle (Pilates first) or CYCLE2Pilates (Cycle first) on Mind Body.

If you would like to learn more about either of these classes and how to book them, please speak to a member of the fitness team or ask at reception.

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All initial assessments will continue to be online for the foreseeable future with face to face appointments available for follow ups only. You will be asked to sign a new consent form, whether you have been to us before or not and there will be 15 minute gaps between appointments to reduce congestion. All bookings and payments will be done online. We will be feeling our way in the early stages and would ask you to respect the new rules so we can keep everyone safe.

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