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New equipment for exercise, rehabilitation and pain management

Exercise and rehab with great new equipment for optimal results

What we strive to achieve at ESPH in West and South London is an environment conducive to enjoyable exercise, one that offers tangible improvements in personal health & fitness, optimal treatment and rehabilitation after injury, and which is delivered by exceptionally trained and friendly staff. In order to achieve this, we need excellent equipment partners who enable us to deliver these goals. With the recent installation of our Technogym equipment and upcoming installations for our eGym equipment on November 2nd, we strongly believe that have achieved this. I outline below some highlights of the new equipment.

ESPH partnering with Technogym in W1 and South London

The Vario Cross-Trainer

excite_cardio-womenThis market leading cross trainer is very versatile and allows for low impact simulation of running or bounding. This is highly beneficial for the recovering patient, especially so for someone seeking to return to running. The cross trainer has a bouncy contact point and there is a plyometric feel to the landing. Whilst this is low impact, it does demand more energy and control from the quadriceps, calf and gluteus muscles at the end of the eccentric phase. It is cardiovascularly demanding and excellent for global exercise or rehab. Stride variation from step or jog to running and bounding are a feature of the Vario making it a usable item for all goals and abilities.

excite_recline1000Recline bike

The new reclining bikes have a superior ergonomic design enabling easy access to the machine. The seat back is also adjustable allowing for more comfort for clients with lower back and hip flexion associated pain.


Technogym skillmillSelf-powered treadmills have been on the market for over a decade but Technogym have reinvented this type of equipment with the advent of the Skillmill. Aside from being ecologically responsible, the curved treadmill can be used for walking and running and with the addition of a resistance lever or brake, it can be used to simulate a pushing or driving motion. The resistance can also enable simulation of a hill or resisted walk. As with normal running, the user controls his or her speed naturally and when resistance is added, a hill effect is created. The curved surface reduces the impact through the joints as the front foot striking the ground has less distance to the point of contact. The curve also enhances a circular motion to the stride, reducing the impact through the anterior knee and developing strength and power through the hamstrings, gluteus and calf muscles. The front handle bars combined with higher resistance settings enable a full power push mode and the inevitable benefits for strength gains and push sport simulations (such as rugby and athletics).

eGym in West and South London

egym equipmentThis ground-breaking strength equipment is market leading and of exceptional value for patient rehabilitation. We are delighted to confirm installations on 2nd November 2016 in both our sites. Electronically powered, eGym has an isotonic and isokinetic function. Both eccentric and concentric loads can be varied to suit the client’s needs. Using the access bands or key fobs, seat and arm positions along with resistance settings are customised within the client’s unique profile. Following initial strength tests and ergonomic set-up, a training programme is automatically derived. This can be varied at any stage and quarterly retesting is advised to achieve the optimal levels of strength and recovery.

Body composition analysis with Tanita in W1 and SE22

body-compositional-analysis using Tanita MC780At ESPH we have long been advocates of a rounded approach to health and fitness. We do not subscribe to the weight obsessed culture of exercise, but prefer to focus on the health benefits of exercise. While weight is of course important in some cases, body composition and specifically the levels of lean muscle, body fat and visceral fat are of far greater significance. Using the Tanita MC-780 MA bio-electrical impedance body analyser, this test can be performed as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with our other health and fitness tests for Cardio-vascular fitness (VO2 Max), metabolism (RMR), strength, balance and core-stability.

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