New Mum and Baby Pilates Class

Having a baby is a momentous event, so the decision about when to exercise again is a very personal one.

When you feel ready to start moving again, ESPH’s new Post Natal Mat Pilates classes are an excellent way to build strength, flexibility and core muscles.

If you’ve had an uneventful pregnancy and feel well, starting Pilates four weeks after the birth is fine under the guidance of an experienced ESPH Pilates teacher. Your teacher will know how many exercises you can do and how hard to work.

If you have had any complications like a C section, infections or anything else, you may want to delay starting the Mum and baby Pilates class for up to 12 weeks.

Starting exercise as soon as possible has many benefits. The exercise will make you feel better in yourself, plus it provides a precious hour of ‘me’ time and a chance to chat to other mums about the challenges they may be facing. Your baby will also be by your side throughout the class.

Exercises focus on re-engaging core muscles, flexibility and movement to make you feel stronger and more energised. Start to feel like yourself again! Every Monday 11:45am & Tuesday 6:15pm.

As a mother, you play a pivotal role in the lives of your family, so it is important that you feel strong and remain focused on your health and wellbeing as well as your children.

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