New Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga classes

We are excited to announce that our popular and highly-experienced Yoga teacher, Ronnie, has started prenatal and postnatal Yoga classes at ESPH: Prenatal is Thursday 7:20 pm and Postnatal is 1:30 pm on Wednesdays. Babies are welcome to join Postnatal classes.

Ronnie has been practising Yoga for over 20 years and says, “I have bared witness to bodies and minds opening and coming alive through intelligent movement. I have coached adults and teenagers with cognitive and physical disabilities, taught children’s movement and mindfulness in mainstream education and designed and delivered bespoke training packages for the pharmaceutical industry. I love to help people uncover their true self and grow into new places within.”

Yoga is safe to practice during pregnancy and brings a surprising amount of benefits. It can boost energy, relieve stress, encourage relaxation, promote restful sleep and even assist with labour and birth. Taking time to do Yoga regularly also facilitates the bond between mother and baby.

During prenatal Yoga classes, Ronnie will take mums through restorative and supportive postures using full yogic breathing. Energising, flowing practice will strengthen and enliven, creating space for the mother’s breathing. Mums will also learn to release and let go in preparation for birth and motherhood.

If there have been no complications, it is possible to start postnatal Yoga classes four weeks after giving birth. These classes will aid Pelvic realignment and provide postural support, reversing the strain that pregnancy has put on the body. New mums will benefit from the deep relaxation, soothing breathing and yogic breath with pelvic floor moves. deep relaxation. It is the perfect environment for mums to focus on themselves and bond with their babies.

For more information, please email info@esph.co.uk and register your interest or call 020 7 907 1900.



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