Lacking motivation or the desire to exercise can both be major impediments to changing or improving your level of physical activity and health.

We all lead increasingly busy lives whether at work or with our families or juggling both and it can easily seem hugely daunting to make any meaningful change. So what’s the point in trying? Well, to put it simply your health cannot wait and you need to prioritise it.

Ask yourself the following questions:
1.    Do you have some unhealthy habits you want to cut out?
2.    Do you smoke?
3.    Do you drink more than you should?
4.    Do you eat too much or too much of the wrong thing?

If you answered yes to any of those then try these:
1.    Could you walk to work/get off a station before your usual stop and walk?
2.    Could you cycle to work?
3.    Do you take your kids to a sporting or physical activity every week?
4.    Do you have a partner/close friend who also wants to improve their health and get physically active?

If you answered yes to any of the above – then here’s the good news – you are ready to start improving your health and reducing or stopping your unhealthy habits. Start with the following:

•    Consult your GP about stopping smoking
•    Reduce your alcohol intake by dropping it from your diet one day at a time – most of us can all go one day without a drink so start with a day and then add another and then another
•    Think about avoiding unhealthy or high fat foods
•    Start moving and get active

Put some trainers on and walk to work once a week – or walk halfway
Dust off the bike and cycle to work at least once a week
When you take your kids to football, go for a walk instead of sitting and watching, jog and walk when you feel fitter, then jog for longer etc. If you take the kids to gymnastics or swimming is there a gym at the same facility that you can use? If there is – consider joining or attending on a pay as you go basis. A problem shared is a problem halved – join with a friend or partner and exercise together.

And remember a few simple rules:
•    Always start gently
•    Make sure you feel good after your early sessions.
•    Pretty soon the endorphins will keep you coming back for more

Esph is introducing motivational coaching and support services. Check our twitter and facebook pages for updates and further details. And if you need any help in the meantime give us a shout.

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