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Totally Sold on Total Pilates

Earlier this year ESPH launched its innovative new Total Pilates class. This 55-minute session utilises all of ESPH’s specialist equipment including reformers, chairs and trapeze tables. During the class students focus on all elements of posture, mobility, core stability, strength, flexibility and balance providing a full-body Pilates work-out.

Nicola has been attending Total Pilates since it began in January and enjoying all the benefits this new class brings. ESPH caught up with Nicola to hear why she enjoys Total Pilates.

Nicola says, “Since doing Pilates regularly, I have noticeably less pain and stiffness which has made a huge difference. I am walking taller and feeling stronger, and I have become also much more conscious about how I move, sit and stand; correcting myself when I fall back in to bad habits. Pilates is even making a positive difference to my swimming.”

Before Total Pilates, Nicola had completed a few 1-2-1 sessions with Libby to address persistent pain in her shoulder and neck. One of Nicola’s legs had also become weak following a fall which had required an extended use of crutches.

Nicola explains, “I enjoy the circuit approach of Total Pilates because it works all the areas of my body where I have injuries. The classes are interesting because we use all the different equipment and Penny is a great instructor.

“The small classes are good and are not overwhelming or intimidating, which is great for people new to Pilates. I can exercise to my own level, and Penny corrects me when my position is wrong, encourages me and increases the intensity as my strength improves.

“I think Total Pilates is a very good class for people who have a range of injuries or weak areas, and particularly those who are new to Pilates. Because of what I am learning in these classes, I have been more aware of how I hold myself when performing day-to-day tasks.”

Total Pilates classes have only six students, so it guarantees members specialist support and guidance. ESPH tailors classes for all abilities whether someone needs rehab or more advanced exercises.

To take part in the class you will need to have undertaken your Pilates induction. Classes cost £30 / per class, and booklets of 10 classes are available which provide one free class.

The starting timetable for Total Pilates is below. Please check the schedule and book via the ESPH App or Online here. For a FREE taster class, enter TOTAL19 at the checkout stage.

  • Tuesday: 19:30-20:25
  • Friday: 11:00-11:55/16:00-16:55
  • Saturday: 10:10-11:05/12:25-13:20
  • Sunday: 11:00-11:55


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