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We’ve been working through this pandemic in one type of lockdown or another for 11 months now. Most of us have settled into a way of working which may or may not work well for us but we are certainly well aware of some things that aren’t working so well.

A few small modifications can make a huge difference on your work and wellbeing. Here’s a few suggestions to help you work better and be more active at home.

Feeling good

Set up your workstation so that you are comfortable and able to maintain a normal, neutral posture. Desks that you can both sit and stand at, or accessories which raise screens to comfortable levels will help your back, neck and shoulders to be protected and feel good. Investing in useful products to assist this process should be a priority.

Focus on your wellbeing first

Your wellbeing is ensuring you feel good about yourself emotionally and physically and likewise for your loved ones. Take a pause regularly to breathe, de-stress, relax, meditate and declutter your mind. Do things that make you happy and reach out to those close to you. Balance in your life enables equilibrium, satisfaction & productivity


Activity releases feel-good juices that make us instantly happier. Pain reduces any feel-good factor and forces us to stagnate and wallow. Maintaining normal movement by stretching, moving and doing certain exercises regularly will help to reduce pain and stiffness, and enables us to do the things we want to do.

Move regularly

Getting up to do a chore like making the tea, breaks up the daily grind and resets our energy. Doing more substantial movement like a lunchtime stretch, quick workout, walk, run or cycle will raise the mood as well as your heart-rate, and will re-energise you to be more productive in the way you want and need.

We have a range of 10-20 minute routines which help break up your day.

Workplace wellbeing is so important now more than ever. Contact us on how we can improve your employee health and wellbeing remotely.


The author is a Owner of ESPH, a former UK Decathlon champion, suffers from neck and back problems, made worse by working at a computer and desk and has been meaning to get a sit-stand desk for a while..

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