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ESPH strives to support local sports clubs, staff and members' fundraising and national campaigns.

ESPH and our charities

At ESPH we are dedicated to providing a positive and supportive environment for our members, clients and staff. We believe that responsibility stretches into our local community and we offer discounted services to fellow businesses and fund raise through events for selected charities.

Tackle Africa

Support the ESPH Lions

For over 6 years a team of Lions has valiantly competed in the gruelling 12 hour football marathon to raise money for Tackle Africa. This¬†fabulous charity provides HIV education in several Africa countries and here in the UK. Their unique approach is to deliver health education through the medium of football and is aimed at reducing the incidence of HIV infection particularly in the young. ‘Having witnessed their work up close on several occasions I am always taken at how beautifully simple and effective it is’, comments Max Sharp.



Would you like to be involved with ESPH?

If you have an affiliate idea as a business venture or fundraising campaign which you feel has the same values as ESPH please contact: marketing@esph.co.uk


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