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From VO2 Max testing (Cardio-respiratory fitness) to strength, and resting metabolic rate (RMR) we have a range of scientifically validated fitness assessments.

Fitness Tests – comprehensive analysis

eGym Chest press physio and trainingFitness assessments in East Dulwich to give you an accurate, pinpointed evaluation of your body’s strength, agility, and recovery. To train effectively, whether as an endurance athlete, sportsperson, or someone committed to a healthy lifestyle means you need to know your fitness levels. And that means using a scientific approach, with a full data analysis of your fitness.

ESPH Fitness Assessments – East Dulwich, South London


  • Body composition analysis*, including fat percentage

Using the Tanita MC780, our test provides a measurement of body fat & muscle mass indices, a far better way to analyse fitness and health than weight or body mass index (BMI). From: £29

  • VO2 MAX test (Cardio-respiratory fitness) – London

The VO2 MAX analysis is the gold standard indicator of cardio fitness and aerobic endurance. The test is conducted sub-maximally on the treadmill or bike, whilst wearing a mask, to gain your maximal heart rate. We can perform a maximal test on a bike but for elite athletes only. From: £89

  • Resting metabolic rate (RMR) test

If you have had difficulty losing weight but are physically active, you may have a lower than normal metabolism. RMR is the definitive test to show you what your energy baseline is to help you lose weight effectively and keep it off. From: £89

  • Fitness Test

We also offer a full test to cover your VO2 MAX analysis, Strength and Body Composition. From: £109

  • Diet & nutrition screening

We can assess your nutrition food diary if you are a fitness enthusiast or can highlight if you are deficient in any micronutrient or macronutrient and advise suitable foods or supplements for optimum health.From: £85

All our assessments come with a fully detailed report. You can also have a full list of recommendations so you know what you need to successfully improve. Maximise your health and fitness.


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* Exclusions apply to the body composition check. If you have particular requirements please call to discuss. 


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