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We have a full range of scientifically validated fitness assessments - including VO2 Max, E-Gym Strength test, Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and more.

ESPH Fitness Assessments – comprehensive analysis

eGym Chest press physio and training

Due to Covid-19, we have paused some of our fitness tests. We are currently offering our Fitness Fundamental Assessment, strength testing and body composition.

Strength Test

Using our E-Gym equipment we can test your maximum strength for each muscle group so you can tailor your workouts for a steady growth to prevent training plateaus. [£69.00]

Body composition analysis*, including fat percentage

Using the Tanita MC780, our test provides a measurement of body fat & muscle mass indices, a far better way to analyse fitness and health than weight or body mass index (BMI). [£35.00]

Fitness Fundamentals

We know it has been incredibly tough to maintain regular exercise habits as well as focus on your wellbeing during national lockdowns, and as a result you may have suffered a dip in your fitness, or indeed your motivation levels!  We totally understand, and are here to provide encouragement, support and most importantly information to help you get right back on track.

At ESPH, we focus on five main areas of physical fitness and with steady and informed effort and focus on all six, we guarantee you, sustainable progress both now and for the long term.

ESPH Fitness Pillars

  1. Cardio
  2. Strength
  3. Metabolism
  4. Flexibility & Movement
  5. Balance

Starting out or re-starting

At ESPH HQ, we have devised our comprehensive fitness assessment to help you understand where you are today, and assist you in setting your fitness goals for the future.  This is all about giving you the insights you need to perform and be your very best, setting goals at your pace and celebrating the progress you make. 

We offer you constant cheering on and support with regular communications, full guidance on how to improve and maintain your fitness levels. [£199.00]

This is FREE when you become a member with quarterly follow ups.




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* Exclusions apply to the body composition check. If you have particular requirements please call to discuss. 

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From July 1st some of our fees have changed. Click the link below to see our new fees.

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