Groin Pain & Strains

At ESPH we have the skills to treat Groin problems whether arising from sports injuries, physical strains or pregnancy.

What is groin pain?

The most common cause of groin pain is a strain and inflammation of the adductor muscle tendons but it can also be an unwelcome feature of pregnancy, or be caused by pain referred from the lumbar spine, osteoarthritis or pelvic instability.

Who suffers from it?

Groin strains and pain can be experienced by footballers, cricketeers, high jumpers, basketball players and ballet dancers. Basically any sport involving rapid and extended movements to stretch and cross the legs in motion.

And its not just a condition affecting sportspeople…women often suffer groin strains during pregnancy.

Groin Pain during pregnancy

Groin and pelvic pain can be a very painful and unwanted complication of pregnancy. During pregnancy a hormone relaxin is secreted which helps to loosen the normally tight joints of the pelvis such as the symphysis pubis at the front of the pelvis, which joins the two halves, and the sacroliliac joints on either side of the back of the pelvis. Usually the effects of relaxin are not felt until late in pregnancy but can come on earlier particularly if there is hypermobility or with multiple pregnancies. In addition with an increasingly large abdomen the pelvis tilts forwards effectively inhibiting the action of core muscles such as transversus abdominus that forms a sheet at the bottom of the front of the abdomen and the multifidus muscles that lie at the back of the spine and connect each adjacent vertebra to its neighbour.

How we treat Groin pain and strains

How we treat the problem will depend on the cause but a typical treatment plan is likely to focus on pelvic alignment, postural re-education, neural offloading, muscle energy techniques and exercise rehabilitation.

Relieve that pain – contact ESPH, the groin strain experts in London.

Physio Treatment Costs:

  • Initial assessment (45 mins) from £72
  • Follow-up consultation (30 mins) from £52

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