eGYM resistance training equipment at ESPH

ESPH has 15 eGYM resistance training machines which, when worked as a circuit, provides a full-body workout for all major muscle groups. It is also the most comprehensive circuit of eGYM machines in the UK.

Resistance training plays a crucial role in living longer and stronger, it can also protect us against some of the most prevalent diseases and ailments associated with ageing. Read more about this here.

One of the most common mistakes people make when starting resistance training is using weights that are either too heavy or too light. eGYM eliminates this problem thanks to its pioneering, intuitive software programmes which are based on the latest sports science research.

Before using eGYM, you will benefit from a full induction from one of our trainers, which includes a maximum strength test on each piece of equipment. Software then calculates the optimal training resistance for you based on your strength, training goal and muscle group.

ESPH’s trainers then programme the machines with your data so that each time you return to the gym, the machines automatically adapt the weight to match the selected training method, number of repetitions and rest periods.

Sitting correctly while performing resistance training is also vitally important, so eGYM machines are programmed to remember your seating position and automatically adjust it every time you use the machine.

Knowing your strength and your resistance programme, enables eGYM to intuitively detect improvements and adjust your weight and resistance levels, ensuring you continue to progress. This means you are constantly being pushed towards performance improvement, without causing unnecessary stress on the body.

Here are some of the other benefits of eGYM equipment.

Easy to use

All eGYM strength training equipment features a large touch-screen display. This ensures all the vital information is at your fingertips. With the easy-to-follow display and eGYM curve, you will be seamlessly guided through your training – ensuring you can do nothing wrong.


eGYM has incorporated serious findings from sports scientists to create intelligent software that optimises your training experience. Regular software updates ensure training adapts to the latest scientific findings.

Entertaining and motivation

eGYM equipment has been designed to be fun and motivational by integrating gamification elements. You collect points as you progress along a training curve, which rewards you for having the right range of movement and speed.

ESPH currently has this range of machines which can be performed as a circuit to ensure every major muscle group is being worked. If you are new to eGYM, try our Gym Workout sessions which can be booked here

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If you would like to try eGYm for yourself, book onto one of regular eGYM circuit workouts online here or through the ESPH app.

If you would like to undertake a FREE strength test, please book here or pop in to reception.

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