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Pelvic Pain Therapy

The ESPH pelvic pain experts understand how pelvic floor dysfunction can affect your quality of life causing stress, sexual problems, relationship strain, depression and anxiety.

What is pelvic pain?

The term ‘pelvic pain’ covers pain in and around the pelvic floor both in the front and at the back. It can also include the pubic area in the front of the pelvis, the lower abdomen above the pubis, the groin and the sacroiliac area.

It’s a misapprehension to think that pelvic pain is suffered solely by the female population. It isn’t. It affects both men and women and left untreated can have a very negative impact on many aspects of your life.

How we treat Pelvic Pain

At ESPH we believe that many cases of pelvic pain can be treated successfully with the readjustment of the pelvic bones and lumbar spine using gentle but effective manual techniques. The muscles then need to be re-educated to produce enough tone to keep the pelvis aligned and stable in posture.

At ESPH we will create your individual pelvic pain management plan. This will typically consist of manual therapy to reduce your pain and exercise such as Pilates to re-educate your muscles. A course of treatment will last around six weeks although more complex cases may require additional input from a Pain Management Consultant and a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.

Don’t suffer in silence. Contact the pelvic pain experts at ESPH and take control today!

Physio Treatment Costs:

  • Initial assessment (45 mins) from £72
  • Follow-up consultation (30 mins) from £52

Locations at:   East Dulwich


NEW CLIENTS: Please note if you have not been to ESPH before, or are presenting a with new condition, we request that you please call to discuss your needs, tel: 020 7907 1900.

“ESPH have been the most essential part of my recovery from chronic pelvic pain. Their comprehensive and unique understanding of this complicated area of health is unparalleled when compared to the very many other options and routes I had tried. Their skills in pelvic pain management techniques have helped me overcome what was a completely debilitating condition, reducing pain, alleviating fears and also educating me how to manage my condition myself. I am particularly impressed by their unfaltering dedication towards my rehabilitation, no matter how difficult things have been I have always been able to rely on their complete commitment.”

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