Personal training – the benefits

Not sure what you gain from having a personal trainer? Read on to discover the motivation and focus personal training can add to your fitness routine.

The benefits of having a Personal Trainer in South London

Enlisting the help of a personal trainer can be a great step in helping you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you are having trouble reaching a milestone, are preparing for a big event, are starting out on a new exercise regime, or even just need a bit of inspiration – personal training will help. It’s about taking your training up a level – a process that is always easier with support than on your own.

What is a personal trainer?

A Personal trainer, or PT, is a fitness health professional who prescribes exercises to clients, gives instruction and provides motivation. By setting goals, providing feedback and also accountability, personal trainers give structure and inspiration – often enabling people to reach goals that have previously been out of reach.

Do I need to be referred to take part in personal training?

No – simply give us a call or pop in to hear about what we can do for you. However, if you do have any pre-existing injuries or conditions, we strongly recommend consulting your physician or one of our physiotherapists prior to starting a new exercise programme. We also offer a free physiotherapy assessment for all new members and PT clients

How does the Personal Training process work?

 At ESPH, we adopt the following approach:

  • First, following a consultation and questionnaire, your trainer will assess your fitness levels to understand the starting point (This can be free if included in a special offer)
  • Your PT will then create your detailed and tailored exercise programme and together, you will set goals and objective measurements
  • Training sessions are undertaken, with focus on your specific needs in the following areas: Cardio-vascular fitness, Strength, Balance, Core-stability and flexibility
  • During your programme, there will be regular re-assessment and reporting
  • We will also provide you with Weight loss and nutrition advice & support from our Diet & Nutrition services
  • Your PT will provide motivation and support throughout the training process, adjusting your programme if necessary
  • Key milestones will be recorded and celebrated

Once you have developed a base we will challenge your body with a mixture of disciplines and training. If you have any injuries we can help you with support from our expert physio team. Finally, we work with you on a maintenance approach to manage all of these elements. We then follow up your goals with additional screening and testing.

How does accountability work in personal training?

When it comes to personal training, your trainer can only give you the tools and the motivation to succeed. At the end of the day, the only person who can achieve your goals is you. However, the more effort you put in, the more effort your trainer will put in – they want you to succeed and will do their very best to make it happen!

Can you do personal training in groups?

Absolutely – We offer Couples/Buddy PT anytime for 2 clients and Group PT for 4 at fixed times.  The Benefits of Group Personal Training include:

  • Extra motivation that a group dynamic can bring
  • A less expensive option than one-on-one personal training but still includes a level of detailed expert advice
  • It’s a fantastic social and team building activity
  • Healthier heart, lungs, joints, muscles, body weight and more
  • Exercising with others people lowers stress, increases energy levels and creates a happier state of mind

How do ESPH personal trainer differentiate themselves?

ESPH personal trainers have the benefit of understanding your physical health and fitness levels by using the ESPH Health and Fitness Tests. They also work as a team alongside our physiotherapists, dietician, massage therapists and class instructors.

Our dedicated approach to health and fitness means that ESPH recruits exceptional personal trainers with a high level of knowledge and experience. ESPH personal trainers have a thorough knowledge of anatomy, exercise physiology, rehabilitation and athletic training techniques.

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