Rotator Cuff Physiotherapy

Your rotator cuff is a group of muscles that connect the arm to the shoulder muscle. The shoulder muscle is a ball and socket, and is in constant use. This means that a rotator cuff injury is one of the most common shoulder injuries. But this doesn’t mean that if you start to feel the symptoms of a rotator cuff injury that you should ignore it, this will cause further damage. See below to find out more about a rotator cuff injury, and how it should be treated.

Do I Need Rotator Cuff Physiotherapy?  

The symptoms of a rotator cuff injury are commonly pain and clicking in the shoulder when you raise your arm. If you feel pain in your shoulder when you are lying down on it, reaching for something, or putting your hand behind your head then this is likely a rotator cuff injury and you will require physiotherapy. The pain can also spread down to the elbow, making everyday tasks uncomfortable or impossible.

How Can Rotator Cuff Physiotherapy Help Me?

Rotator cuff physiotherapy will help to ease the pain and eventually stop the injury. Because of the lack of movement and difficulty performing everyday tasks rotator cuff physio will essentially help you get your life back.

Where Can I Go Rotator Cuff Physiotherapy?  

We have outstanding expert physiotherapists. In order to help your rotator cuff, the physiotherapists will work with you through the diagnosis and exercises in order to end your pain and alleviate your suffering.

Physio Treatment Costs:

  • Initial assessment (45 mins) from £72
  • Consultation (30 mins) from £52


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