Tennis Elbow Physiotherapy

Tennis elbow can get better without the need to resort to physiotherapy, by resting the affected area and applying ice to alleviate the pain. However, occasionally you could experience a much more severe injury that does not fix itself, and you will need the help of a physiotherapist to correct the condition and allow you to live a normal life once more.

Do I Need Tennis Elbow Physiotherapy? 

Tennis elbow symptoms include pain around the elbow – around the joint are muscles and tendons that move the wrist and fingers. The pain you will feel will be these affected muscles. Everyday tasks such as opening jars, writing with a pen or opening a door will become increasingly more difficult and painful. Bending the arm, and just generally using the elbow will be very painful and will be harder for you to do. If you have been experiencing these symptoms for a long time and are in severe pain, then you will most likely need the help of tennis elbow physiotherapy to combat the condition.

How Can Tennis Elbow Physiotherapy Help Me?

The physiotherapy needed to fix your tennis elbow will most likely involve massage and gentle movement, which will allow the blood to flow more freely towards the tennis elbow injury and should help you move your arm. You will be instructed to do exercises outside of your tennis elbow physio sessions. It is important that you commit to these exercises as they are needed to ensure that you are fully treated.

Where Can I Go For Tennis Elbow Physiotherapy? 

Our expert physiotherapists will be able to help you with your tennis elbow injury, and work with you to try and ensure that you will not experience the injury again.

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