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RSI treatments in London

Aches when typing and numbness whilst working at your desk mean you are excessively using your fingers and wrists. Let our experts assess and help you.

What is RSI?

RSI, also called work-related upper limb disorder (WRULD), is a general term used to describe the pain from muscles, nerves and tendons caused by repetitive movement and overuse. This also affects areas of the body not commonly associated with RSI; for example a poorly set-up workstation may encourage bad posture, leading to spinal injuries.

ESPH Physio experts are competent in recognising the varied symptoms of RSI. Initially, you might experience a slight ache, tingling or discomfort in the neck, arms, wrists, fingers or shoulders. which increases in pain when you perform the repetitive task. Untreated, this can develop so that the pain is constant, regardless of what you are doing. Even if the pain is manageable, the side effects of the damage (such as numbness or tingling) can make everyday tasks very difficult.

How we treat RSI

ESPH Physiotherapy can provide support, advice and treatment for RSI sufferers. The initial task is to soothe the pain in the relevant area, via acupuncture and physiotherapy. We can complement our treatment by an evaluation of your home and work-life, in order to prevent the injury from recurring and by educating you about avoiding RSI in the future.

Ensure your worklife is pain free – contact ESPH about RSI today!

Physio Treatment Costs:

  • Initial assessment (45 mins) from £72
  • Follow-up consultation (30 mins) from £52

Locations at:   East Dulwich

NEW CLIENTS: Please note if you haven’t been to ESPH before, or are presenting with a new condition please call to discuss your needs, tel: 020 7907 1900.



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