Sports Injury Treatment

Take your sports injuries to the physio experts at ESPH

Treating common sports injuries

Whether it’s a sprained ankle, dislocated shoulder, pulled hamstring, groin strain, torn ligament/cartilage, tendonitis, tennis elbow, rupture of the Achilles tendon, meniscus tears of the knee, hamstring strains and shin splints – common or unusual conditions, our ESPH sports injury clinics have the expertise and experience to aid your individual recovery.

Sports injuries can occur by participating in a wide variety of activities including football, rugby, running, squash, skiing, dance, cycling, golf, horse riding and tennis.

How we treat sports injuries

At ESPH, our emphasis is to return you to your sport as soon as possible, and to provide you with as much information as possible about the mechanism of injury and how to prevent it recurring. We work with GPS, orthopaedic consultants and leading specialist surgeons.

We provide acute stage treatment to aid and speed up tissue healing, followed by a comprehensive rehabilitation programme right through to the return to sport. We will create your sports injury treatment programme using all our facilities including isokinetic computerised muscle testing and strengthening system, gym and Pilates equipment, exercise classes and sports massage.

With over thirty years’ experience in sports injury rehabilitation, ESPH is one of the most established, highly regarded sports injury clinics in London.

Physio Treatment Costs:

  • Initial assessment (45 mins) from £72
  • Follow-up consultation (30 mins) from £52

NEW CLIENTS: Please note if you have not been to ESPH before, or are presenting a with new condition, we request that you please call to discuss your needs,  please see the phone number at the top of this page.


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