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Let us relieve your sports injuries, aches and tension through therapeutic massage.

Sports massage in East Dulwich

Physio pre and post natal physio treatmentsSports Massage is guaranteed to aid in the treatment of specific areas such as neck pain, back aches or lower limb muscle sprains or can treat the body as a whole. It can aid rehabilitation after an injury and is a great addition to a training regime to keep your muscles relaxed and less prone to strains. It will also help to eliminate toxins such as lactic acid from the body and can help improve sleep patterns, manage hormonal issues and deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life. A rehabilitation period with physiotherapy is important before some light exercise and getting back to full strength at our gym!

ESPH Massage Therapists – How We Can Help You

Our top team of expert massage therapists all offer deep tissue or sports massage, sometimes also called a Swedish massage. Trained by our physios they understand what they can do and what they can’t. And there’s no need for a referral, just pick up the phone and book yourself straight in.

So whether you are suffering with back ache from straining over your computer, to gardening twinges or sporting sprains have a massage at ESPH to ease those aches and pains, improve circulation and relieve stiffness.

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Massage Costs:

  • Sessions start from £38
  • Discounts for multiple bookings.


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