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While we all like to be praised for a job well done the real satisfaction for us comes in helping you exceed your expectations. That’s what gets us leaping out of bed in the morning…

Below are some of our clients’ comments. We would be delighted for you to leave a review opposite.

"Fitness Fundamentals #2 Strength"

The 2nd in our Fitness Fundamental series and your number 2 fitness priority is STRENGTH.


The bad news first: Your strength WILL decline by up to 40% over time over the age of 40, unless you do something about it… Use it or lose it, folks, it’s that simple.

Now we’ve all had a bad year in 2020, but we aren’t going to dwell on that or drown our sorrows in a sea of booze and food are we? Well… maybe you will but when you’ve got that out of the way do you really want to feel or act your age?

The answer is of course a resounding NO (even if only to the latter). Here’s where we come in…

How strong are you?

Anecdotally you will have an understanding of whether you are strong or not.

1. Can you sit up from lying in bed without having to roll to the side?

2. Can you walk down the stairs with control and without needing to hold the handrail?

3. Can you carry 2 bags of shopping 500m without having to stop?

4. Can you lift a heavy grip-sized bag over head and into a cupboard?

5. Can you open a jar without help?

If you can’t do one or more of the above, you are probably lacking the minimum, adequate functional strength.

The good news is that (in most cases) a loss of strength is completely reversible, and maintenance also is totally doable. 4 days per week of structured activity will help you get to and maintain a good level in all 5 fitness Fundamental categories, including Strength.

How we assess you

We have 15 state of the art, electro-magnetic strength machines capable of testing your maximum peak strength and balances or imbalances between muscle groups or joints, offering movements in every way your body needs to (and some it doesn’t very often). All your performance data is instantly transported into the cloud and the results displayed graphically and engagingly forming a detailed map of your strengths and weaknesses via our new eGYM APP. For good measure, we throw in a bonus grip strength test (actually rather important) using our hand-grip dynamometer.

We certainly know how to give you a good time!

eGYM Fitness App

The App provides all of the information from your Fitness Fundamentals Assessment including a Bio-Age for Strength, Cardio & Metabolism categories. There will be motivation, guidance and actions to take from us. You can also link activity trackers like Apple Health and diet/lifestyle trackers like MyFitnessPal to integrate and help you manage every aspect of your health and fitness journey

Following your assessment, you will be invited to download the App:



Action stations

It’s simple folks, and not as hard as you might think.

"Physio restored optimism"

I came to ESPH filled with gloom and trepidation that my just diagnosed sciatica was going to upset my ability to cope with every day life. But my session with James was extremely reassuring. He charted the way ahead, the steps to recovery in a calm and encouraging way and taught me various manoeuvres to help. And he did some great massage. So now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Optimism restored.

— Physio client, East Dulwich ESPH

"Top rehab… and staff"

Fantastic 1st class facility. Top rehab equipment and staff.

— Natalie Pennicotte-Collier, East Dulwich ESPH

"Very pleased with the assessment and treatment…"

Very pleased with the assessment and treatment I received from Claire Bannerman today. Claire’s holistic approach has meant that I am very clear about how quickly I can expect any improvement, know what I need to do in the meantime and a follow-up appointment has also been booked. Thank you Claire.

— Ava, Physio client at ESPH East Dulwich

"Excellent physio & a gym."

Excellent physio & a gym. I’ve seen Claire for rehabilitation after a knee replacement. She was amazing, I’m in good shape now and can walk well thanks to her. Staff are very kind and helpful. I highly recommend it.

— Grayzna Shelle, client at ESPH East Dulwich

"Excellent experience. [Harley Street]"

Excellent experience. Total confidence in Sarah. She is approaching my problem from several different angles. Also very happy with efficient and cheerful receptionist [Nicole].

— Marian Wilson-Smith, Physio client at Harley Street

"Using eGym in rehab for a bilateral lower limb problem"

I was introduced to the eGym at Harley Street after I was well into my rehabilitation program. While I had always endeavoured to perform my home strengthening exercises, I’d never had a yardstick in which to gauge my progress and thus stay motivated. Then I was introduced to the eGym machines. They’re all really easy to use, and I love that you get your own microchipped bracelet that talks to each machine, remembering all your past progress and even the precise machine settings for your body. Sure ESPH’s sharp physios can tell if you’ve been neglecting your rehab “homework”, but with the eGym the numbers don’t lie. No more slacking! Each time I show up I really want to show improvement— and the fact that there’s an eGym app for my phone means I can pick up right where I left off in my home gym. The final aspect that I like (and this sounds fairly juvenile) is that each machine has a computer screen that runs something resembling the world’s silliest video game. While doing each exercise, you simultaneously trace a ball through a pathway and try to stay on track. It all factors into your final score and again, ultimately serves as a fun and handy measure for how much you’re improving. All told, I’ve found the eGym to be a fresh look at physiotherapy, and I know that I’ve gotten stronger as a result.   

— Megan Hallinan

"Great physio team."

Great physio team. I have been seeing Claire and she has been awesome in helping me with an acute back problem.

— Rob Steel, seeing Claire, Physio treatment at East Dulwich

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