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"Brilliant service and a lovely team!"

Brilliant service and a lovely team! My injury healed much faster than I expected it to and I will definitely return in the future if I am to suffer another injury

— Physio patient seeing James at ESPH East Dulwich

"REALLY loving the e-Gym equipment."

REALLY loving the e-Gym equipment. It tells me what to do, when to do it and for how long, and positions me correctly on the seat. Perfect…like having my own personal trainer. Building up my strength, I already feel the benefit. Thank you!

— Helen, East Dulwich Gym user

"eGym complementing my exercise routine"

I do like the involvement of the new machines (eGym) through following the screen graphics, and I really think they can fill a gap in the type of exercise I currently need to do, complementing the cardio I do at home and the flexibility/balance work I do with Libby. I like the idea of building up a picture of improvement, and having something to target at each session.

— Mike B. eGym user, December 2016

"…very impressed…very professional.. very knowledgeable"

I was very impressed. Tom was very professional but easy to talk to. He appeared to be very knowledgeable and I have every confidence in his ongoing advice and treatment.

— Brigid Gardner

"…the team at ESPH were instrumental in helping me prepare"

Whilst training to row the Atlantic, the team at ESPH were instrumental in helping me prepare. Claire was able to identify my weaknesses and give me the physio exercises I needed to correct them, as well as dealing with all the niggling injuries I picked up along the way. Combined with amazing sports massages from Anthony, I was able to complete my challenge without any physical problems – and in record breaking time!

— Alex Holt

"…deteriorating right hip and was advised by my GP to see a physiotherapist"

I have a bad / deteriorating right hip and was advised by my GP to see a physiotherapist to help build up muscles etc.and delay a hip replacement which I have been told I will eventually need.
I have had several appointments with Iris Quartner at ESPH in East Dulwich. Even though Iris is extremely friendly and approachable, she is always totally professional.  She is extremely knowledgeable and picked up on lots of things she could help me with.  E.g. I had, for quite some time, suffered from pains in my right calf and after some fairly gentle exercises and manipulations the pain went and has not come back again!   All to do with compensation and my back etc.
She gave me exercises to do at home that were really helpful and not too strenuous or lengthy. She always kept clear records of my progress plus the treatment she gave me. After about 7 or 8 sessions she referred me to a Pilates trainer and passed her notes on to him. She is very professional and efficient. She also gave me good advice re. things like insoles and a seat wedge which have also really helped me.  She also spotted I had bunions which will have been caused by my osteoarthritis and gave me advice and relevant information about what to do about them. All the manipulations and exercises she did with me in those sessions has really made a difference and I can really feel the benefits.
I would highly recommend Iris to anyone whatever their problem. An excellent team at East Dulwich.  Many thanks to Iris.

— Chris, physio and pilates client at ESPH East Dulwich

"Good attention to individuals and good range of exercises"

Tutor Paula excellent. Full demonstration and explanation.  Good attention to individuals and good range of exercises – Very personable, funny and authoritative.

A Client, Paula Nannucci’s 1:15pm Matwork Pilates class on Mondays.

— A Client, Paula Nannucci’s 1:15pm Matwork Pilates class on Mondays.

"…it is evident that Libby only selects the very best in the field"

I have been a patient of ESPH Harley Street since 2008, after having been referred to ESPH’s Elizabeth (Libby) Sharp via a specialist. I have had a number of musculoskeletal issues over the years due to my hypermobility. Libby has been of invaluable help and has made such a big difference to my life, that I do not know what I would do without her, and am forever grateful for the original referral to her. Sometimes I only require 3 sessions, and at other times, more. On the occasions where I have required more, it has only been through the fact that I’ve left my issue for so long that a longer treatment has been required –  which Libby has always so correctly advised not to leave so long until I visit! I completely trust Libby’s advice and treatment. She brings over 40 years’ worth of experience and knowledge, having also worked with premiership footballers (as I’ve seen for myself whilst in the waiting room!), dancers and athletes amongst others. Having been to other physiotherapists before, it is very evident that Libby’s expertise stands above the rest. After taking the appropriate amount of time evaluating you by asking you all the right questions and understanding your pain level, she will usually use a combination of therapies including MET (muscle energy technique) and deep tissue manipulation, but will also provide you with ‘homework’ exercises to continue your therapy at work/home.

On a personal level, Libby is simply a pleasure work with. She has a wonderful personal style which would make anyone feel like they are in the best hands in the field (rightly so), and it is evident that Libby has been at this profession for the long term because she genuinely cares. I only wish that every medical practitioner/physician could take a leaf out of Libby’s book – the world would be a better place and a healthier one too! If Libby feels that an extra few minutes are required for your consultation time, she will not think twice about doing so, and as a patient, I always feel that the consultation is definitely worth it. I have tried other physios in the past, but I can now see how Libby has gained the reputation for being one of the best in the field. In addition, it is evident that Libby only selects the very best in the field for other staff at the practise. Together with physiotherapy, the practise also provides other therapies that complement physiotherapy, such as pilates classes, sports massage and a podiatry service. I have also in the past been a regular at the pilates classes, which are run by Jo Bingham, who is an absolute star to learn from. Patient, caring, professional and all with a sense of humour and positive energy that will make you return and explore the world of pilates. There is also a massage therapist that I visit regularly called Gail Cameron, who always does the magical job of alleviating my pain and keeping me happy and doing what I love best –  playing tennis! I would strongly recommend this practise and Libby Sharp and her team to anyone, and have already recommended her to friends and family.

Amisha, patient of ESPH Harley Street since 2008

— Amisha, patient of ESPH Harley Street since 2008

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