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"… it’s hard to believe that this incredible resource is our neighbourhood facility!"

I have been a client of ESPH in Dulwich since 2011 and have used them many times for physiotherapy, massage, gym, pilates and personal training. I live a transatlantic life between California and London so I travel often and have experienced many different healthcare businesses in both countries. I am writing to say how ecstatic I am with the treatment that the ESPH physios (Max & Sophie) have given me and to let you know that it is the best I have had anywhere.

My most recent use of ESPH transpired after months of excruciating pain in my right shoulder which referred down to the bicep and sometimes beyond to the fingers. My husband is a doctor and organised for me to be sent for an ultrasound guided injection into the bursa by a radiologist. This had little or no effect. 2 months later… next stop a top shoulder surgeon who again recommended an injection into the joint for the pain. At the prospect of having more potentially ineffective treatment, I decided to come back to ESPH and see a physiotherapist to find out if there was any alternative to my chronic pain, steroid injections and the “let’s wait and see” prognosis. The first appointment with Max was a revelation. I was thoroughly examined including ultrasound imaging and given specific daily exercises and a plan towards a full recovery.

Since then I have had several follow up sessions and soft tissue massage with Anthony and my condition has improved substantially. I am only sorry that I did not come sooner.

I am so grateful for the professionalism, the effective treatment and advice I’ve been given at ESPH and I highly recommend them to everyone. It’s hard to believe that this incredible resource is our neighbourhood facility! When are you setting up in LA?

Kathleen Haskard

Client since 2011

"I would definitely recommend a massage… for everyone’s health and wellbeing."

I’ve visited ESPH in Harley Street a number of times for massage to complement my physiotherapy treatment. My massage therapist Gail has worked with my physiotherapist to understand my specific requirements and this collaboration has proven to be very therapeutic. I would definitely recommend a massage at ESPH for everyone’s health and wellbeing. 

— Jane, Harley Street client

"…post op rehab following a knee arthroscopy. I have been very impressed…"

I have been attending ESPH for post op rehab following a knee arthroscopy. I have been very impressed by ESPH and my physio Sarah Crisp.

"Sarah was very… thorough,… I would not hesitate to contact her…"

Sarah was very punctual, thorough, friendly and helpful and I would not hesitate to contact her again in future for advice.

— Mary, client for Physio at Harley Street

"…treatment for bilateral arm pain and neck/shoulder stiffness associated with using a computer"

I have been seeing Lizzie regularly for over 3 months for treatment for bilateral arm pain and neck/shoulder stiffness associated with using a computer. Her diagnosis of nerve irritation at the neck, caused by chronically tight neck and shoulder muscles, which was initially dismissed by GPs and an NHS orthopaedic surgeon, has recently been confirmed by an EMG test, neck MRI and a private Consultant specialising in Work Related Upper Limb Disorders. She has been positive, professional and knowledgeable and has tried a wide variety of methods during my treatment. Her understanding and encouragement have been very valuable at a time when I’ve been disappointed by how poorly understood and dealt with computer-related ‘RSI’ type symptoms are by the NHS doctors I’ve come across.

"I commenced personal training… and lost the baby weight"

I commenced a personal training program with Alexei when my baby turned 12 weeks old and lost the baby weight and re-gained my pre-pregnancy shape within a couple of months. My baby loves the creche too!


— Elle Rainbird, Client since 2010

"Amazingly challenging… group personal training"

Amazingly challenging but lots of fun, group PT sessions have kept me going with a regime that has started to change my shape as well as my view of exercise.  Only on Saturday my yoga buddies commented that I was an advertisement for Max’s workouts!

"Group Personal Training… fun and effective"

I have been attending Group Personal Training sessions with Max for the last 4 months. The sessions are fun and effective (I have lost a stone and a half in that time) and Max is adept at encouraging me to push myself and work harder than I ever would on my own. The group sessions give you all the benefits of personal training at an affordable price.

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