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Workstation Ergonomic Assessments in London

Improve your health and wellbeing at work with our office ergonomic assessments.

Workstation assessments 

Bad habits can develop, whether at work or at home, and soon you could well be suffering from neck or back pain. Our specialists are trained to spot incorrect posture and can help you to correct your seating position which will help to alleviate your pain.

ESPH uses a 3 phase tailored workstation solution which is designed to optimise your posture and long-term health.

1. Workstation Assessment

We use still and moving images to perform a thorough examination of your workstation, focusing on:

  • Your sitting position and your chair elevation and angle
  • Your desk position and your arm support in relation to your keyboard
  • Your head and neck position and your eye level in relation to your monitor
  • How you use your phone.

2. Report and recommendations

After your assessment ESPH will provide you with a detailed report, specific to your requirements highlighting any areas that need improvement.

3. Workstation Product solutions

ESPH has access to specialist suppliers of seating, IT and telecommunications products that best suit you.

Prices start from £150 for a single assessment but we tailor our services to your needs so individual packages are available on request. Multiple assessments required at the same time and location are at a reduced rate.

The benefits of workstation assessments

In today’s world most of us spend a great deal of time sitting. In the seated position research has shown that the upper and lower back muscles are more active and that if sitting is prolonged there may be increased load on the intervertebral discs. Standing is a good rest from the sitting position and movement helps to increase nutrients and fluid to the spinal discs which get compressed through too much sitting.

Work activities should be performed with the joints at about mid-point of their range of movement. This applies particularly to the head, trunk, and upper limbs.

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