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Ashtanga, Hatha, Hot, Vinyasa Flow, Aerial, Yogalates and Yoga Barre classes are all available in SE22.

Yoga – strengthen, lengthen and feel stronger!

Yoga strengthens and lengthens and makes people feel stronger and more balanced in body and mind. There will both be playful elements (because we all need that!) and challenges to help us focus (it’s difficult to not be present in the moment when in a challenging pose), face fears and give us a feeling of accomplishment. And then there is of course the well-needed & transforming rest at the end of the class.

Yoga Classes at East Dulwich

Love yoga? Find your yoga style in SE22 with small class sizes and plenty of supervision from our fantastic instructors. We also offer personal yoga sessions.

Ying Yoga – Slow and calming, long passive holds promoting deep stretching & improving flexibility.

Yoga Barre – Stretch & sculpt your body through barre method interval training infused with vinyasa flowing movements and deep yin stretches

Ashtanga – This style of yoga is a cleansing and moving meditation practice which takes the body through a variety of postures designed to channel energy through the body locks (bandhas) while focusing at a particular point (drishti) in asanas.

Hatha – A basic form of yoga which holds static poses focusing on flexibility, breathing and strength

Hot Yoga – Gain that calm grounded feeling but also a powerful workout. Flow from one posture to the next in rhythm. Workout in 28ºC to warm the muscles, deepen stretches and encourage detoxification

Vinyasa Flow – An energetic style of yoga using sequences of flowing poses that build strength whilst stimulating body and mind

Aerial Yoga – Low-hanging hammocks support body-weight and help to achieve correct postural alignment through relaxation rather than effort. It is a great class for all abilities.

Yogalates – These classes fuse the disciplines of Yoga and Pilates which is great for de-stressing, toning and strengthening. Perfect for beginners, with more challenging moves for the more experienced.

Rocket Yoga – A challenging class that is moving, flowing, dynamic and sweat inducing – it will take your Yoga workout to the next level.

Co-Yoga – A stretch based class designed to compliment and support your other gym activities. Combining flexibility, body-weight strength exercises and relaxation in an informal, sociable environment; this inclusive class is to be enjoyed by all.

Shakra Flow  – This is all levels practice coming from a place of spiritual grounding, taking inspiration from the chakras, seasons and the energy of the class. This is a flowing class, with elements of Hatha yoga, meditation and pranayama with options for all levels. Connecting breath to movement, using bandhas and breath to find grounding within and connect to the energetic body.

We also offer TAI CHI in East Dulwich, click here.

How to Book your Yoga Classes

  • Classes are included in our ESPH Gym Membership, from £59/month*
  • Non-members: Single classes £17
  • Save with our booklets – Buy 10 get 1 free for £170



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