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Pilates Classes – East Dulwich

Personal pilates instruction and equipment based studios guaranteed to improve your body posture, flexibility and strength.

PILATES – East Dulwich

We offer personalised pilates inductions and sessions, and classes using equipment based techniques and studio based exercises.

  • Studio, Reformer and matwork classes
  • Equipment Pilates including Reformers, trapeze tables, chairs and barrells
  • 3 session one to one induction
  • Range of personal appointments and classes
  • Balanced body fully equipped studios

New to Pilates? The ESPH Induction Process

If you are new to equipment Pilates all clients must complete our induction programme of 3 x 45 min (SE22)  individual Pilates sessions with a one on one personal instructor. Please note the induction also includes a FREE 30 min physiotherapy screening.

To book please follow the BOOK NOW link opposite and select your preferred site under ‘Appointments’.

Personal Pilates. Take advantage of our highly structured classes to maximize your workout. Sessions start from £59.

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Pilates East Dulwich

  • Classes for a wide range of abilities, from rehab to fitness
  • Starting from 30 min individual sessions
  • Mat classes are included in our ESPH Gym Membership from £59/month
  • Single Reformer Pilates classes from £26 & single Studio Pilates classes from £36
  • Save with our booklets – buy 10 get 1 FREE. £260 for Reformer Pilates and £360 for Studio Pilates.

What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

Joseph H. Pilates, the creator and inventor of the Pilates method said ‘The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is complete co-ordination of body, mind and spirit.’ It strengthens the back while lightening the load on your spine by fixing the imbalances created by bad posture and the incorrect use of muscles. Pilates combines elements of yoga, martial arts and strength training – essentially, it focuses on stretching and strengthening, in order to improve balance, flexibility and posture.

While both focus on developing strength, balance, flexibility, posture and good breathing technique, Yoga has a more spiritual element that Pilates does not. Pilates tends to focus on more specific exercises aimed at strengthening the body – particularly the core abdominal muscles.

Pilates for pregnancy

ESPH offers specialist Pilates classes for pregnancy. Our team of experts (many parents themselves) we understand first hand the changes your body will go through with pregnancy. Pilates is a highly effective routine to prepare your muscles for pregnancy and regain your tone after giving birth.

Pilates for men

Man using Pilates equipmentDon’t be shy, guys, Pilates is not just for the girls! ESPH offers Pilates classes that cater for everyone and many of our classes are attended by men. Pilates is often used by footballers as they get into their 30s as a way to keep the body supple and relieve the aches and pains of playing sport.

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